Ultimate Personal Soundtrack For Daddy Mourning

1. I’ll Fly Away – Jars of Clay with Sarah Kelly: When I was in preschool, my dad sang with the gospel group at church. This is one of the songsa2fb6f87bb68da47d091229d43c47f83 they sang. 2. Sweet Child o’ Mine – Sheryl Crow – I made a slideshow of family photos to tell Dad I was pregnant with Bob. This played in the background. The video ended with “I told you it was going to be a good year.” Yes, yes, I’d like to throw up at that irony too. 3. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters – Indigo Girls (Link goes to a version by Heart): Back in the day, there was a weekend where I had 3 friends hit by a drunk driver, meanwhile, Dad landed in the hospital with a case of bacterial pneumonia. This song was on the new IG double cassette (yeh, you read that right – cassette – not CD) and played on most of my trips to the hospitals. Oh, and the hospital Dad was in then? Same one he died at. Fun times.)2. How to Save a Life – The Fray: Cuz you know, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs made it a kicky theme song for dead people. It also played while I was driving to work after I found out my cousin died last year. It let me cry in style that morning. 5. When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss and Union Station: Had a friend who used to sing this around the office all the time. Um yeah, you guessed it … she’s … yeah, I can’t even say it for fear you will laugh at my sheer morbidity here. 6. Elvira – Oak Ridge Boys – Wait, what? A non sad song? Wth? (Oh wait, this is for my dad, I meant to say “what the fuck?”) Dad could “oom papa mau mau” like no one’s business.)

3. Lucille – Kenny Rogers: We owned Kenny Rogers. I grew up on this stuff. Something I repressed while in high school before Garth Brooks made FFA cool. (Okay, Garth made country music cool – FFA – not so much.) 8. You Never Even Called Me By My Name – David Allan Coe: At family weddings, at some point late in the drunken evening, the bros and etcetera circle up and sway to this song. During the funeral, Deacon leaned over and said, “No sad music at my funeral.” I suggested “Celebrate Good Times” by Kool and the Gang, he suggested this. I said we’d circle up around the casket and hook his arms in ours. Like Gregorain? Check out this post.

4. You’re Like Comin’ Home – Lonestar:I’m sure Red will be thrilled to know that I now lump this song in with this whole mess. But it was in the video we made for her wedding, it was her wedding Scout and I were in on that damn day. And … somehow it’s a comforting song for me. The idea of Dad being “Home” is one I’m good with. Not to mention, “peaceful easy feeling at the end of a long long road.” You did good work Dad. Peace to you. (I have nice thoughts like this alternating with, “nice job jackass, wtf were you thinking, leaving us like that?”) also: To Make You Feel My Love – Jasper Steverlinck: I can’t find a link to his version, so any of those will do, I suppose.

This was on our wedding CD. It’s a dead grandma song – yeah yeah, I know. Weddings and Funerals. Gah. 11. Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw: Yeah. You know why this song. Cuz TM is hawt. Oh wait, no, I mean cuz I wanna live like this. Without, ya know, the cancer as motivation. 12. Angels Among Us – Alabama: Hellz yeah. I hope so. Bring ‘em on. 13. I Can Only Imagine – Mercy Me: Here and Here. And when we went to the funeral home to see him – this was playing. When I called Betsy to tell her, her response was, “SHUT THE F…RONT DOOR!” 14. Love, Me – Collin Raye: Song that got me the much needed crying after my Grandpa died. (Easter is such a bitch). When we were at the Walmarts for what felt like the 50th time last week, it was playing on the speakers… shut the front door! 15. How Great Thou Art – Alan Jackson: Dad picked it for the funeral. A friend of his was supposed to sing it, but it ended up being an Elvis recording. This version works for me. Bring it peeps. It’s like the Top Five Songs for Laura’s Dad from High Fidelity. (Oo lookie! John Cusack reference!) Hit us with your fave songs for mourning.