T in the Park 2016

T in the Park 2016
What a day yesterday was. Of course, I was at T In The Park 2016. After the craziest mix up regarding tickets I could even imagine, I finally made it.
A few months ago I bought two Saturday and two Sunday tickets for the best music festival in the world. The reasoning behind this was that I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to go for the full weekend due to money and work stuff, so I figured I’d just buy two lots of day tickets for myself and the boyfriend and if we had to, we could sell the Sunday tickets to some friends.

Did it work out that way? Of course not, that would be too simple.

When the tickets finally turned up at my house just over a week ago they weren’t the ones that I’d ordered. I’d be sent two weekend tickets (i.e. the Saturday and Sunday entry on the same ticket instead of two separate tickets for each day) and I’d already sold the two Sunday tickets to somebody I had no way of getting them to after the Saturday night…keeping up?

I eventually sold the entire weekend tickets to somebody via Gumtree that lives in my town and was of the opinion that was me not going to T at all. I was gutted, I love T In The Park, though my music taste is broad as can be, and have been every year for the past 5 (6 now including yesterday). As it turned out, I was given the chance for two Saturday day tickets through my work; one of the benefits of working for a company who sells a lot of the sponsor’s beers! So it was sorted, Balado here I come.

Only the boyfriend didn’t want to go. He’d never wanted to go since we left the main arena a year ago but I’d bought the tickets as a surprise for him. He was adamant that he wouldn’t come with me but after many an argument and the promise of sexual favors he agreed to be dragged along. And dragged him I did.

Yesterday morning we were up early, got ready (me: sunglasses, hoodie, jumper, spare socks, anti-bac hand wash, tissues, Haribo, mobile, purse, cigarettes, tickets and bus tickets. him: camera and a bottle of water) and walked to the bus stop to get the bus into Glasgow to get the Citylink bus to the arena. Barely spoke the entire time. It was better by the time we got on the Citylink bus with the loudest bunch of idiots I’ve ever set eyes on. Of course, this was my fault because I picked the bus to get on. By the time we got to T In The Park we were talking again, thank goodness.

We managed to catch the end of Calvin Harris, wandered the shops and stalls for a bit and headed back over to the main stage to see Lady Gaga. Must say, I wasn’t sure if she was going to be any good live after hearing her on various TV shows but I was impressed with the show she put on. After this we headed to Healthy T and got lunch. Boyfriend had a venison burger and I had a steak burger which were over priced (no surprise there) but absolutely gorgeous. We ate at Healthy T later in the day too, this time I went for a smoked cheese tortilla wrap which was divine, and the boyfriend having haggis, neeps and tatties covered in Black Bottle whisky. Looked horrid, but I don’t eat haggis which is probably why!

Much more aimless wandering and just sitting on the grass happened throughout the afternoon, with me managing to catch some of Katy Perry and The Tings Tings’ sets on the Radio 1/NME stage and some random unsigned bands in the various other tents. One criticism about this though, and that’s was it really essential to have three tents dedicated to unsigned and up-and-coming bands? I know they need to make their break somewhere, but I really want to see big bands for my money! I understand having the T Break stage but the BBC Introducing stage was a waste of space and the Futures stage was empty every time we walked by it.

Because the highlight of the day for both of us, Nine Inch Nails, were late on stage by about 30 mins I managed to see the start of the Killer’s set, which the opened with Human. That’s the only song I really wanted to hear live as I’ve seen the Killers at T In The Park previously, so that made me happy.

Considering they were headlining the second biggest stage on the Saturday night, I was shocked at how empty the crowd was for Nine Inch Nails. In fact, we were standing on the black canvas which is right at the front of the stage for the entire set and we never have the chance to do that when we’re at T. For two reasons, the main one being I get paranoid in crowds and the second being it’s always jampacked down there. Still, Trent Reznor played a blinder of a set. Disappointed that they didn’t play Closer, but it was amazing none the less. I was singing my little heart out and even caught myself dancing at a few points (yeah, work that out. Dancing to March Of The Pigs). Soon made me forget about how bloody cold I was.

Due to NIN coming on stage late, we were pretty much last out the arena towards the bus stances to get home. What a bloody queue for Glasgow buses! It was crazy. I think we stood there for about 40 minutes in the freezing cold and finally got on a bus home around 12.15 a.m. By the time we’d got to Yetts Of Muckheart (I so want to live there so that’s part of my address) which is only a few miles away from the arena, the boyfriend was asleep and I spent the entire journey staring out the window into the blackness and thinking of the children from Torchwood who were taken in the middle of the night to be traded with the 365 and sure it was happening to us. I really was that tired!

All in all? Decent day, too little good bands on that we liked but Nine Inch Nails made up for it. It’s the second time I’ve seen them live, and I didn’t think I’d ever see them even once.