Singing High Notes – 7 More Great Tips

If singing high is your passion, you are usually looking to improve your performance. But if you have been singing for some time, you can get the feeling that you are in a bit of a rut. It’s important to revitalize your passion and enthusiasm for your voice, especially for your high notes. Below are some great tips to help you do that.

Tip 1. Enroll in a Singing Lesson

Though you may have undergone training before, it a good idea to enroll in an occasional singing lesson to catch up on some fresh advice or get a new perspective. It’s common to find that most professional singers still get lessons just to tune up and check on any bad vocal habits.

Tip 2. Be Versatile

Try experimenting with different songs, maybe from a genre that you have not covered for a while. Get out an old high school favorite and sing that!  You may be surprised to find it more difficult than you thought. Also, it can give you a break so that when you get back to your usual stuff it will be more fun to return to.

Tip 3. Self Analysis

Just do a bit of analyzing yourself as a singer. Are you maintaining good basic posture and breathing support? Any unnecessary tension around your face or neck can affect your tone and detract from the fun of singing so check for that. See also this post with some more great tips.

Tip 4. Chill Out and Relax

Singing takes a lot of effort. Before you sing, whether for practice or performance, it helps if you’re relaxed.  Of course, most singers experience some nervous tension before a performance so one easy way to help is to use the “Rag Doll”. While standing, bend over from the waist and let your upper body dangle loosely. Allow your head and arms to hang down and give them a little shake. Do it until you feel relief in tension. It can make a big difference when you want to increase your vocal range!

Tip 5. Try To Exercise

If you are singing a lot it really helps to have a regular fitness routine. If you find yourself touring then try to access the hotel gym or go for a walk. Try to use stairs instead of lifts as a way of keeping fit. Bear in mind that you always need to warm up your voice. Your voice consists of muscles and just as in other sports, muscles need to be warmed up.

Tip 6. Treat Yourself

You can keep yourself inspired by pampering yourself every now and then. This doesn’t mean you have to buy yourself something expensive, although you could!  You can simply treat yourself to a luxurious hot tub bath or get a massage or by reading a favorite book. Any small luxury will do and if you can, again, take singing lessons, the best way to get ahead!

Tip 7. Have Fun and Jam

Singing really is a whole lot of fun! Isn’t it?  All singers know that singing is enjoyable and that’s mostly why we do it. I know that’s the case for me, especially when you get to sing and play music with your circle of friends. Invite some musicians over for a jam session then have dinner together afterward. And in case you want to study music to become professionally engaged, check out this post about music scholarships. Who knows, you may qualify!

You have no doubt noticed that at least half of these tips don’t actually involve singing!  The reason for this is that being a singer means your body is your instrument. If a piano goes out of tune you get a tuner to fix it, but if your voice lacks vitality, emotion and tonal quality you need to repair your whole body and mind.  Once you are back in good shape you can return to your usual repertoire with renewed enthusiasm and energy.