Please Don’t Stop The Music

635935011491326578-136848868_music-bar1Being the anti-social, home always, hard to make have fun type of person that I am, I decided to get out this weekend. On Saturday, it was the Honda Battle of The Bands and like a lot of people from my school and State, I decided that I too would go.

For more reasons than just to see the band. Any way, it was pretty ace if you ask me. Being a band geek, I’ve only been apart of a show, so it was nice to “see” a band than playing in one. It’s a lot different, and of course less tiring and painful (except than for composing music).

Even though I got my ticket on my way there, less than an hour before the show started, I managed to come across some seats better than people that had bought their tickets weeks in advance. I got the 8th row, pretty much on the field and I was ridiculously close. Luck, am I? I was adjacent to most of the performances, but because a friend said there was a seat over his way, I went and sat with him.

Mind you, there were designated seats, but not everyone sat where there ticket said, so it was okay, until the person whose seat I took ended up showing up, so we just moved down. Yay for no confrontation. Now I must share with you some crappy photos I managed to take whilst sitting in my “ridiculousawesomeish” seats.

Out of all the bands that were there, my favorite would probably have to be Jackson State University (JSU), which is the fourth picture, the band in blue. I think they were the most entertaining, and they were loud all the same and even played some popular songs. Toward the end of the show, all of the bands played together as a mass band and it was beautiful. Some of my friends were at school yesterdays saying “I was almost in tears” Well, I wasn’t because I’m oh so tough (lies), but it was pretty nice. Nothing worth crying about though. The tribute to Obama and a lot of other famous leaders was amazing.

Tomorrow, no school for me in the morning because I have a leadership meeting, and of course we get to miss a full day, but it’s not counted against us. I plan to tell all about it of course after it happens. As for the site, I updated the sidebar with new images. That Fall Out Boy shirt was bought by that special person! I really love the bear. Cool eh? New layout will be coming for February, I believe in those wordpress tutorials!

Do you play a musical instrument? Ever listen to Fall Out Boy?

Nice Stuff – Monkey Playing Cymbals Vintage Toy

The Monkey Playing Cymbals Vintage Toy is a classic in many ways. You may have seen these in toy shops, who knows? You may even have one in your house somewhere in a toy box of discarded items.

There are many different kinds of monkeys available that you can get new and used. They come in plastic, they come in plush, they all come with cymbals.

The cymbal, when not used in a symphony or band for musical arrangement, is probably one of the most annoying instruments ever created. Just give a set of cymbals to a three year old and you’ll quickly understand what I mean! But a professional cymbal player might actually really enjoy the monkey playing cymbals as a goofy gift.

However, the monkey playing the cymbals is really quite cute and endearing, and actually a very rare and valuable collectors item if you have a vintage toy monkey. People love monkeys for some reason. They have them as pets, they have rooms full of stuffed animal monkeys, and the monkey cages, though typically hot and smelly at the zoo, are always the busiest attraction anytime I am forced into going to the zoo with my family.

I could sadly however not find any information online about the creation and manufacturing of the monkeys playing the cymbals toys. I have no idea who first invented this toy or who sold it. You would think that the guy who invented the cymbal monkey toy would get a little recognition! I am sure it has something to do with street carnivals or fairs or maybe even a circus a long time ago, but can’t find too many details on them. If anyone just happens to know anything about them, please share it in the comments below! (Hey! You never know what strange and useless trivia other people happen to know off the top of their heads! I’m usually full of it!)

Oh well, the good news is there are plenty of vintage monkeys playing the cymbals available on eBay. Check out these cute little guys and get yourself one before the monkey playing the cymbals becomes another lost and endangered icon like the Twinkie.