NEW VOICES @ CUA – The 2014 Festival of New Vocal Music

New Voices @ CUA is a phenomenal festival of new vocal music, music that was just written for the human voice. In January 2014, the fourth edition took place showcasing chamber music, art song, sacred music, and cabaret. The festival was a 2-day event at The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC.

See also this New Voices @ CUA 2013 video: Performers: John Henderson, piano and Catherine Wethington, soprano (January 25)

On January 24 & 25, 2014, UCA’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (SCI Chapter) hosted the two-day festival of new vocal music in Washington, D.C.

This fourth edition of the New Voices @ CUA Festival featured four concerts that were performed over the two-day period and included compositions by student composers of the school. New Voices @ CUA was proud of the new collaboration with Next Parallel, t eh famed DC Ensemble that served as the festival’s resident ensemble.

About Next Parallel

Ensemble Next Parallel is a group of musicians that was recently newly formed in Washington, D.C. and directed by Yevgeny Dokshansky, the famed conductor. Ensemble Next Parallel consists of CUA graduates and the ensemble is committed to finding musical parallels in both traditional and modern repertoire.

Student composers of Benjamin T. Rome School of Music were encouraged to submit their works that were written over the past ten years in the categories: chamber music, sacred music, and art/cabaret songs.

Pieces that were submitted in the category Sacred Music could include up to four voices and could also include piano and/or organ.

Submissions in the category Chamber Music could be for four voices at most, and for one of these instruments: flute, clarinet in B-flat or A, violin, cello, piano, and standard orchestral percussion instruments such as Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, usual Drums, and so on.

Cabaret/art songs could be composed for just 1 or 2 voices accompanied by piano. Composer students were allowed to submit five works at most and their first submission was free whereas each subsequently submitted composition was $5. Works that included multi-movement (e.g. song cycles, were qualifying as one single work.

The presence of selected composers is vital to the purpose of this festival, and previous festival participants are welcome to submit pieces. A $15 registration fee, payable upon arrival at the festival, is applied to printing/promotion costs associated with the festival. The Festival committee is not responsible for losses incurred from inclement weather.

Selected composer students were expected to be present at the festival as this touches the core and soul the event. Previous composers, musicians, and other festival participants were also present and some of them had submitted pieces as well.

Upon arriving at the event, a $15 registration fee was payable to cover costs for promotion, printing promotional materials, tickets, and other costs related to the event. The 2014 New Voices @CUA Committee included Amanda Bono, Megan DiGeorgio, Erik Abrahamson, and Matthew Yost.