Music Scholarships

Several organizations in the United States offer music scholarships in order to encourage students to take of music as a profession and uphold culture. Like most other forms of art, a full-fledged career in music can be deeply rewarding. However, the study period can be tough. While the curriculum is a hard taskmaster, fees and other course expenses tend to be high and make it tougher for students.

Students might have to take large amounts of student loans and struggle with repayment for years after the course. Music scholarships can alleviate the troubles of budding music talent and provide a means for graduated music professionals to start off on the right footing. Now let’s briefly review some important music scholarships that every budding music student should be aware of.

ASCAP Music Scholarship $5,000 and more

ASCAP refers to the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. It offers more than a dozen scholarships for composers from varied genres of music. The society awards several scholarships in order to encourage students. Many of these scholarships are some of the most sought after by aspiring musicians.  One of the grants provided by ASCAP is The Foundation Leiber and Stoller Music Scholarship.

This program provides assistance and financial support to aspiring vocalists, songwriters and musicians. Each year, two awards are given, one based on auditions at Young Musicians Foundation in LA and the other to an incoming freshman from Berklee College of Music, in Boston. Many past recipients have gone ahead to further their careers and reach stardom after getting a thorough education in the basics of music.

The Young Musicians Foundation $1,000 annual Scholarships for 40 Students

The Young Musicians Foundation (YMF) provides music scholarships for talented musicians aged 9 to 25. There is something in it for everyone as forty scholarships of $1,000 each are offered in varied categories for various vocalists as well as instrument players.

This scholarship has been in existence since 1955 and has helped many budding music talents get the right break. Selected aspirants may also get a public platform to showcase their talent apart from just the monetary benefit. The scholarships are awarded only to applicants who are residents of Southern California.

The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society $1,000, $2,000 and $4,000 Scholarship

The society offers 3 scholarship awards to both instrumentalists and vocalists. Applicants need to be either college freshmen or graduating seniors from high school. Music scholarships of $1,000, $2,000 and $4,000 are awarded in each category to deserving aspirants in order to give music enthusiasts the right impetus to advance their skills. See also this post about why taking singing lessons is so important.

The BMI Foundation $1,000 and more as Scholarship

Twenty different scholarships are awarded by the BMI Foundation. Most of the scholarships are in honor of music legends like John Lennon and Woody Guthrie. Throughout the year, the organization works to provide and administer various competitive events for internships, scholarships, and awards.

Some of the internationally acclaimed musicians and artists take part in the final selection process. While the focus of the program and awards is on American Music, there are various opportunities for international students as well, to showcase their talent and bag prestigious scholarships. The BMI Foundation also gives grants to nonprofit music organizations in the USA on an annual basis.

Bel Canto Opera Scholarship for Music – Various Amounts

The Bel Canto Opera Scholarship is open to aspiring young students of Opera. Started in 1988, the first Bel Canto Scholarship was awarded to Rhode Island candidates only and amounted to $1,000. Now, the scholarships have grown in both number and monetary worth. Awards of over $15,000 are provided annually to deserving opera talent across the USA.

This scholarship is a springboard for the future Opera stars of the world as all previous awardees have created a niche career for themselves. This scholarship is going from strength to strength and is fast approaching 25 years of unconditional support for musical talents.

The various foundations and scholarships in the USA ensure that deserving young music talent gets the recognition and financial support at an early stage in their life. This is a great support system to ensure that pure music capabilities of the student community get the right platform and encouragement, irrespective of social background and financial status. The future of tomorrow’s music is very well served by these scholarships. Check also this Washington Opera post.