Here is a list of people who participated in the New Voices @ CUA Festival. It’s not a full list. If you would like to help us make it complete, please drop us a line.

  • Alexander Nohai-Seaman
  • Amit Gilutz
  • Armando Bayolo
  • Bob Moore
  • Brian Rice
  • Carleton Macy
  • Carlos Gamboa
  • Catherine Wethington,
  • Cecilia Livingston
  • Christopher Wicks
  • Dan Ruccia
  • David Vickerman
  • Elizabeth Nonemaker
  • Eric Pazdziora
  • Evan Meier
  • Ezra Donner
  • Garrett Shatzer
  • Geoff Sheil
  • Grace Xu Schott
  • Georgiann Toole
  • Greg Hutter
  • Heidi Littman
  • Hillary LaBonte
  • Jason Heald
  • Jean Ahn
  • Jeffrey Quick
  • Jessica Rudman
  • John Henderson
  • John Williams
  • Joseph Eidson
  • Julia Adolphe
  • Laurence Sherr
  • Lisa Perry
  • Lon Chaffin
  • Luke Flynn
  • Malcolm Rector
  • Margaret Stoop
  • Melissa Dunphy
  • Mike McFerron
  • Nicolas Omiccioli
  • Norman Mathews
  • Patricia Julien
  • Paul Epstein
  • Paul Osterfield
  • Robert A. Baker
  • Ryan Olivier
  • Sonya Alexandra Knussen
  • Stephen Yip
  • Steven Berryman
  • Thomas Beverly
  • Thomas Childs
  • Yvonne Freckmann
  • Zack Browning

Featured Profile: Georgiann Toole

What inspired you to be a composer?

The idea of composing was always a great mystery to me.  I never dreamt of becoming a composer myself just 4-5 years ago, perhaps because it always seemed out of reach to me.  I imagined a composer as this super-human being who did not need food, water, sleep or interact with other people.  I was wrong, of course, as I discovered my love for it unexpectedly.  Over the past 4 years, composing gradually became part of my life.  The greatest part of it is, I never need to give up being with great people, or having great food.  Now I cannot imagine NOT composing because it brings great satisfaction to me.

What inspired you to write the piece and why did you choose to set this particular text?

Shoshannim was the product of my very first serious attempt at composing.  It is amazing how verses written by a king 3 thousand of years ago could impact someone living in the post-modern society.  Psalm 69 impacted me at the time because I could identify with the weariness, the pain, and the tribulations King David faced.

What music, from any genre or style, intrigues, inspires, and influences you?

J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Ravel, Chopin are great influences in my musical development.

Grace’s piece, Shoshannim, will be performed on the Sacred Music concert on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 at 1:30 pm in St Vincent de Paul Chapel.


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