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The Value of The High School Yearbook

I had a great conversation with my nephew about the value of the high school yearbook. He actually has many different ideas about all high school things. I noticed in high school that, for many students, yearbooks  are either something to get every single year, or not at all. Some students buy a yearbook no matter what, but others completely refuse every year. Students always are told, “you’ll want a yearbook to look back on!”, but being young it’s hard to actually decide if that’s true or worthwhile.

Why buy a yearbook?

Having a yearbook is a cool way to be able to look back on the year,  yearbook will be a nice thing to remember.
Looking back at pictures of yourself and your friends at different points in your lives can be pretty fun, and a great way to reminisce.

Plus, having friends sign your yearbooks is always fun. It’s cool to see what people have to say about you.

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